Jaan Foundation: Protection and support of vulnerable children

Solid crafts joined forces with the remarkable Sister Jeanne Devos,  who managed to organise and gather millions of domestic workers in order to protect their rights.

“Nothing is impossible if only we do it together” – Jeanne Devos


Through an Indian trust, called the Jaan Foundation, Sister Jeanne and her colleagues also offer protection and relief for children who have become victims of slavery and abuse.  Once the children are rescued from a situation of abuse or slavery the Jaan Foundation shelters them on a temporary basis, offering them emotional support and peace of mind so they can start processing their trauma. Since a lot of these children have been trafficked from different states in India, it is up to the Jaan Foundation to find out where the children come from and where they can go to afterwards. In some cases rehabilitation into the child’s family or community is not possible. In these cases the Jaan Foundation looks for alternative support like local adoption or foster care.