Hadithi women’s groups: empowering women’s groups in the Kasigau corridor

Hadithi is a recently formed umbrella organisation which represents a number of Women’s Groups which make handicrafts. Hadithi sells crafts from the Women’s Groups found in the Wildlife Works’ Project Area in Kenya, helping to financially empower around 500 women. Read more on Hadithi women’s groups here.


Hadithi crafts: a brand of handmade, colourful sisal baskets and organic soaps

Hadithi crafts is a collection of traditional and contemporary handwoven baskets. The extensive gamma was produced by more than 30 women’s groups in the Kasigau corridor in Kenya, each of them counting on average 15 members. Read more on Hadithi crafts here.

Solid Crafts is the distributor of Hadithi Baskets in the Benelux.