Solid is a development organization, founded in the year 2000. The idea was to share experience and knowhow with the underprivileged worldwide.

At Solid we strongly believe that the joining of forces between socially responsible companies and non-profit organizations is an effective and sustainable way to fight poverty in the long term.  And, more specifically, to improve the living conditions of disadvantaged people on a worldwide basis.

On one hand, these fair companies create honest chances for the local population through the creation of employment, sales market and other forms of added value for the society.

On the other hand the non-profit organizations strengthen their people and their environment by taking care of them, supporting them, teaching them skills, … which will allow them to make more use of the above-mentioned economic offer.

This also leads to the fact that the non-profit activity will fund itself: the profits from the commercial activities finance these of the non-profit activities which, because of their social nature, never or hardly generate cash.  As such a perfect combination!

This interaction between a commercial and a social organization is what we call a hybrid model.  We apply this model on two domains, i.e.  Solid Agriculture & Solid Crafts



Non-profit organization Solid was created in the year 2000 by Luc Verelst, who after his international construction- and real estate career decided to donate a part back to society.

Today the organization is efficiently and strongly continued by the next generation.

Besides starting Solid, he also chose to invest in cancer research.

The trajectory

In its early years, Solid carefully selected and supported projects of NGOs working in various countries, covering a variety of domains. Using this strategy, we worked on economic development, clean water supply, education and health care, through projects in about 20 countries.

In 2004, Solid decided to focus its efforts on one specific location to maximize its impact. Ayacucho was one of the poorest areas in Peru and was selected based on criteria such as political stability, feasibility, effectiveness and the chance for succession over time. Solid Peru was founded in 2006 as a Peruvian organization, to house all the local institutions.

This step allowed us to achieve a considerably higher efficiency with regards to spending. We developed a model where several economic projects generate profit and contribute to the social aid projects. This allows us to double the effect of every euro invested, and follow everything up by our local employees.

After 10 years of experience in setting up projects in Ayacucho, in the year 2015 we decided to travel the world with our hybrid models.  You can read more about this with Solid Crafts.


Besides this, he also chose to invest in cancer research and we realized several international investment projects in real estate, now housing a few beautiful social organizations:

  • “Domestic Workers Welfare Movement” in India, founded by Belgian sister Jeanne Devos.

This movement works for the rights of house staff. Solid bought 3 buildings (in Chennai, Hyderabad and Goa), where they can stay free of charge.

Recently, an extra building was purchased to serve as a crisis shelter for children saved from prostitution or slavery.

  • Shelter and accompaniment for underprivileged young adults in Lier

Solid provides free housing for non-profit organization De Stappaert in the province of Antwerp, looking after youth between the age of 17 and 25 who struggle with distinct difficulties.

  • Child and family center in Romania.

Founded specifically for abandoned orphans with a light to moderate handicap, there is the operation “Oradea”. Solid supported the institution by purchasing a plot and constructing a brand new child and family center, doubling as a crisis shelter for children. From here, the organization wants to combat the abandonment of children born in difficult conditions. The Romanian government covers the costs of operation and provides the necessary workers- about 30 people. Oradea trains the staff and oversees the workings of the new center.

  • Housing for organizations who offer shelter, integration and improvement of living conditions for the underprivileged in Belgium.

Solid International provides free housing for non-profit organizations De Lage Drempel in Mechelen and De Regenboog in Putte.

  • Mobile School

For 5 years, Solid carried the working costs of the Belgian non-profit organization Mobile School, providing education for homeless children worldwide. To this day, Solid offers free accommodation in Leuven.