Human Rights Day – Solids workshop in Ranchi, India shows change

Our world is becoming one in which companies prioritize profits over people's dignity. Brands are taking advantage of people, most of whom are women and living in poverty, allowing employers to pay their workers less than $2 a day, in unsafe working conditions and lacking any rights that employees at regular companies take for granted.

At Solids workshop in Ranchi, India - Paces Crafts -  we want to show the world that doing business differently is possible. Our workers get a fair wage, work in safe working conditions and take use of the rights every human has.

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4th December = World Wildlife Conservation Day

Teresia Mulinge

"I married my husband in 1979 but I've been widowed for 8 years. The basket weaving group has helped me remain more financially stable. With the money I get from selling baskets I was able to pay my children's school fees and buy them uniforms, as well as buy water tanks and solar lights for my home."

- Teresia Mulinge - Kisimenyi Basket Weavers Hadithi


When you buy Hadithi handicrafts , you are actively helping to provide an income for 850 ladies from an agricultural community in Kenia.


The area where they live is a stunning and yet vulnerable ecosystem home to varied and abundant wildlife. However, semi-arid. So, harvests often fail due to a lack of rain and consequently poverty is rife.

They need an income. As everybody needs. So, they often go destruct forests for charcoal, timber and farmland. And poach vulnerable wildlife present, like elephants, zebras, giraffes,….

Solid_Kenya_Hadithi_Okt18 (80).jpg

So, buy buying the gorgeous, 100% handmade baskets you provide women like Teresia with a real alternative. You really help these women and you protect environment and wildlife.

What a feel-good basket: for you, Teresia and her collegues and the wildlife!

Solid_Kenya_Hadithi_Okt18 (43).jpg

Watch a short video here to see the weaving ladies in their amazing environment with the wildlife .

19th Nov 2018: Women’s Entrepreneurship Day: meet our strong crafts-women in India

Today, Nov 19th 2018, is Women’s Entrepreneurship Day. Although, for us – Solid – we valorize every day the power and entrepreneurial spirit of the women we work with. Nevertheless, today is a good occasion to put some spotlights on our crafts-women in our workshop in Ranchi, India.


Our Indian workshop – Paces Crafts - held some days ago their 1st open day ever.

Families of our knitters, weavers and sewers were invited to come and have a look at our company. We held an exposition with all the beautiful products we made and watched the movies we made over time. We singed and danced and had local snacks. But best of all: We shared our dreams, experiences and ideas.

Some of our artisans shared their stories on stage. Our women stepped on stage and shared their stories of how our workshop, Paces Crafts, has changed their lives. The result was heart touching and inspiring at the same time! 
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Read here the story of Soni Tirkey:

soni celine 1.jpg

Soni has been struggling with her health since she was a little child.

It was hard to think of the future for her.

Every time she dared to dream, her dreams were shattered again when the asthma forced her to stay in bed. She never dreamt of finding a job so close to home or getting married. She dropped out of school at age 11, because her health made it too difficult to follow.

At first she was resistant to work at paces crafts. She was afraid that she would not be strong and educated enough to work there. But she learned that there is victory behind fear. And today she shared her story on stage of Paces Crafts to inspire other women.

Soni: ‘This workshop of Solid – Paces Crafts - has brought so many positive changes in my life. People used to say that I would not be able to work due to my health condition. But even though I have asthma, I can work perfectly fine. I can even help my family financially. I am so happy for the fair work they offer me. Solid has changed with Paces Crafts my sadness to happiness.’


soni speach 1.jpg
soni speach back 4.jpg

Meet The Volunteer: Stien

Hello everybody,

On Monday, October 14 my Solid adventure began in India. It was so exciting and so unreal. I remember my first acquaintance with Solid, almost 1 year ago...

Solid_India_Volunteer_StienCosemans (3).jpg

But first a little bit more information about myself. My name is Stien and last June I got my degree in Applied Economics. In recent years, my interest in sustainable and social enterprises has grown enormously, so I decided to take part in the Brightminds program of Academics for Development during my last year at the University of Leuven. During one of the weekly lectures I came in contact with Solid. I was immediately fascinated by their work.

For me, Solid is the perfect example that it can be done differently. After I have made my consumption behavior sustainable, I am very happy that I can try to do more for the local population in Ranchi, India, where Solid has a craft workshop.

Solid_India_Volunteer_StienCosemans (1).jpg

My job will mainly consist of helping the HR management to expand further within Paces Crafts, the workshop of Solid in India.

Personally, I am very curious to experience the practice within a different culture because I have always analyzed western ‘cases’ in recent years.

It is going to be an undoubtedly unforgettable and instructive experience.



Solid_India_Volunteer_StienCosemans (2).jpg

Hallo allemaal,

Maandag 14 oktober begon mijn Solid avontuur in India. Zo spannend en zo onwerkelijk. Ik herinner mij nog goed mijn eerste kennismaking met Solid, ondertussen bijna 1 jaar geleden…

Maar eerst even meer over mezelf. J Mijn naam is Stien en afgelopen juni heb ik mijn diploma TEW gehaald. De laatste jaren is mijn interesse voor duurzame en sociale ondernemingen enorm gegroeid, daarom besloot ik tijdens mijn laatste jaar in Leuven deel te nemen aan het Brightminds programma van Academics for Development. Tijdens één van de wekelijkse lezingen kwam ik in contact met. Ik was onmiddellijk gefascineerd door hun werk.

Voor mij is Solid het perfecte voorbeeld dat het anders kan. Nadat ik zelf mijn consumptiegedrag heb verduurzaamd, ben ik heel blij dat ik via Solid kan proberen meer te betekenen voor de lokale bevolking in Ranchi, Inidia, waar Solid een handwerk atelier heeft.

Mijn taak zal er voornamelijk uit bestaan het HR-management helpen verder uit te bouwen binnen Paces Crafts, Solids atelier in India.

Persoonlijk ben ik erg benieuwd om de praktijk binnen een andere cultuur te gaan ervaren doordat ik de voorbije jaren altijd westerse ‘cases’ heb geanalyseerd.

Een onvergetelijke en leerrijke ervaring gaat het ongetwijfeld worden.





Hola a todos,

El lunes 14 de octubre comenzó mi aventura con Solid en la India. Fue tan emocionante y tan irreal. Aún recuerdo mi primer contact con Solid, hace casi 1 año...

Pero primero les doy más información sobre mí. Mi nombre es Stien y en el mes de junio pasado, obtuve mi título en Economía Aplicada. En los últimos años, mi interés en las empresas sociales y sostenibles ha crecido enormemente, por lo que decicí participar en el programa Brightminds de Academics for Development durante mi último año en la Universidad de Lovaina. Durante una de las conferencias semanas conoci a Solid. Me fascinó de inmediato su trabajo.

Para mí, Solid es el ejemplo perfecto de que se puede hacer algo de manera diferente. Después de camaibar mi comportamiento de consumo a algo sostenible, estoy muy feliz de poder intentar hacer más por la población local en Ranchi, en la India, donde Solid tiene un taller de artesanía.

Mi trabajo consistería principalmente en ayudar a la gestión de recursos humanos a expandirse aún más dentro de Paces Crafts, el atelier de Solid en la India.

Personalmente, tengo mucha curiosidad por experimentar la práctica dentro de una ultura diferente porque siempre he analizado los “casos” occidentales en los últimos años.

Será sin duda una experiencia inolvidable e instructiva.





Friday – Solid Crafts Inspirational Session

Fair fashion inspiration session  – hosted by Lyn Verelst, general manager Solid


Do you also like to take the initiative?

Do you, like Solid, also want to start something sustainable?

Belgium appears to be full of committed people who want to roll up their sleeves. Nice!

A lot of questions about this are currently going to Lyn, general manager and initiator of Solid vzw, who liked to respond to this.

However, Lyn is only one woman and the questions are many…

So we thought: why not make an interesting questions-happening?

Every last Friday afternoon of the month there will be: Solid Crafts Inspirational Session.


Nothing but PROFIT POINTS:

The questions and requests are bundled and can then be asked, so everyone can profit from it… 

Ideas are exchanged…

The participants learn from each other’s items… 

Questions and themes can also be introduced in advance so that Lyn can respond to it…

And you take the answers home!

 All of this for free! Maybe you can support the initiatives of Solid in return.

Your voluntary contributions to our fair workshops can be done on the account number 523-0808634-20 with notification ‘Support Solid Inspirational – crafts’.  


Please contact Inge to confirm your attendance: - 0032 473 93 76 19. And please forward us your approach and most important questions. This way Lyn can prepare herself even more carefully.