19th Nov 2018: Women’s Entrepreneurship Day: meet our strong crafts-women in India

Today, Nov 19th 2018, is Women’s Entrepreneurship Day. Although, for us – Solid – we valorize every day the power and entrepreneurial spirit of the women we work with. Nevertheless, today is a good occasion to put some spotlights on our crafts-women in our workshop in Ranchi, India.


Our Indian workshop – Paces Crafts - held some days ago their 1st open day ever.

Families of our knitters, weavers and sewers were invited to come and have a look at our company. We held an exposition with all the beautiful products we made and watched the movies we made over time. We singed and danced and had local snacks. But best of all: We shared our dreams, experiences and ideas.

Some of our artisans shared their stories on stage. Our women stepped on stage and shared their stories of how our workshop, Paces Crafts, has changed their lives. The result was heart touching and inspiring at the same time! 
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Read here the story of Soni Tirkey:

soni celine 1.jpg

Soni has been struggling with her health since she was a little child.

It was hard to think of the future for her.

Every time she dared to dream, her dreams were shattered again when the asthma forced her to stay in bed. She never dreamt of finding a job so close to home or getting married. She dropped out of school at age 11, because her health made it too difficult to follow.

At first she was resistant to work at paces crafts. She was afraid that she would not be strong and educated enough to work there. But she learned that there is victory behind fear. And today she shared her story on stage of Paces Crafts to inspire other women.

Soni: ‘This workshop of Solid – Paces Crafts - has brought so many positive changes in my life. People used to say that I would not be able to work due to my health condition. But even though I have asthma, I can work perfectly fine. I can even help my family financially. I am so happy for the fair work they offer me. Solid has changed with Paces Crafts my sadness to happiness.’


soni speach 1.jpg
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