4th December = World Wildlife Conservation Day

Teresia Mulinge

"I married my husband in 1979 but I've been widowed for 8 years. The basket weaving group has helped me remain more financially stable. With the money I get from selling baskets I was able to pay my children's school fees and buy them uniforms, as well as buy water tanks and solar lights for my home."

- Teresia Mulinge - Kisimenyi Basket Weavers Hadithi


When you buy Hadithi handicrafts , you are actively helping to provide an income for 850 ladies from an agricultural community in Kenia.


The area where they live is a stunning and yet vulnerable ecosystem home to varied and abundant wildlife. However, semi-arid. So, harvests often fail due to a lack of rain and consequently poverty is rife.

They need an income. As everybody needs. So, they often go destruct forests for charcoal, timber and farmland. And poach vulnerable wildlife present, like elephants, zebras, giraffes,….

Solid_Kenya_Hadithi_Okt18 (80).jpg

So, buy buying the gorgeous, 100% handmade baskets you provide women like Teresia with a real alternative. You really help these women and you protect environment and wildlife.

What a feel-good basket: for you, Teresia and her collegues and the wildlife!

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Watch a short video here to see the weaving ladies in their amazing environment with the wildlife .