Solids Indian workshop Paces Crafts fights human trafficking and slavery

January has been designated as National slavery and Human trafficking prevention month.


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“In order to prevent women and children from being trafficked, we must develop economies that create legitimate jobs and build a global sense of justice that says no child or women should ever be exploited. This month every nation, every community and every individual needs to fight human trafficking wherever it exists.” (Presidential proclamation 2014, Barack Obama)

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In Jharkhand, where the Indian Solid workshop ‘Paces Crafts’ is situated, thousands of girls and women are trafficked each year.

Since these girls and women don’t see a future for themselves in the village, they don’t see another way out and believe the traffickers when they promise them an education and job in the city.

Unfortunately, false promises…

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With Solid we believe that by offering a decent job in the remote villages these women will less probably emigrate to the big cities in search of a better destiny where they often end up in situations of abuse or extreme poverty.

By paying them fair wages and empowering them economically and socially, Solid and Paces Crafts aim to enable future generations the chance for improved education and livelihood.


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