New kid on the block @ Solid in India, Paces Crafts: welcome Sandeep


After doing an internship at Solids workshop in India, i.e. Paces Crafts, for 4 months, we are very happy Sandeep will stay with us permanently.

During his internship his focus was Human Resources and this will stay his main focus together with local communication. We know Sandeep as a hardworking person who understands the values within Solids workshop Paces Crafts fully, a perfect match!  

Read here why Sandeep feels connected with Solid & the workshop Paces Crafts and decided to stay with us:

“I came to work @ Solids Indian workshop Paces Crafts as an intern.
I had the thought of learning new things about running a startup and the challenges faced by the company.

I not only wanted to learn as much as possible, but also wanted to give back in return by my hard work and dedication.

I used to do all the work I was given so that I could learn more about the company and the reason why the company was running in remote location such as Rampur. I had lot of questions for Indra, the local general manager. I used to keep questioning her, how did she survive for so long in a foreign country. I got the answer a few days after I started working in the workshop Paces Crafts. The Paces Crafts’ family is so welcoming and so lovable that I fell in love with this place.

I didn’t have to push myself to come to work, I felt happy working here.
The connection I made with the Solid & Paces Crafts’ family motivated me to come to work and give my best.

Even though Indra, the local general manager, is not from India, she cares a lot about the employees of the workshop as if it’s her own family. That makes me overwhelmed.
Indra once told me the reason for opening this company was not only for making products but also making the women of Rampur visible to the world.
I always wanted to work for such a cause, where everyone matters.
Solid focuses Paces Crafts fon the idea of Fair trade and being ecofriendly. Paces Crafts not only strives to influence the life of its employees but also the people and the clients who are associated with the running of the company, from the production of the raw materials to the delivery of the finished products to the customers.
I am happy to stay a part of Solid and Paces Crafts since I will work as HR and communication support from now on.”
— Sandeep Lakra