Did you know..? Some facts about ‘regular’ and organic cotton.

For sure you have some cotton clothes in your wardrobe. Cotton is one of the most all-round fabrics in the world and one of the most used fabrics in the textile industry


A natural fiber, fine … Ok, natural is correct: it is an agricultural product.

But did you know that cotton is a very polluting ‘natural’ product?

4 Facts about Cotton:

1.     For the conversion of cotton for one T-shirt of 250 grams, cotton farmers use till 500 grams of agricultural poison.

2.     Cotton cultivation is the number one in the use of pesticides in comparison to all other agricultural crops. More concrete, 16% of the total pesticides are used for only 2.5% of the total agricultural land.

3.     Cotton is mainly cultivated in India and China. One of the major problems is that local farmers don’t know how to use pesticides. They often work without protection, don’t wash themselves with hot water so the toxins are absorbed in through their skin and they get seriously ill after some years. This has some big consequences for the whole family.

4.     The average water used to grow 1 kg of cotton is 10 000 litres of water.


 Organic Cotton 

Biological cotton, Eco cotton or organic cotton is grown without toxic pesticides.

Natural enemies like ladybirds and plant extracts ensure that the cotton crops are not affected by harmful insects. Also crop cultivation is used to maintain the nutrients in the soil. Compare it with your organic tomatoes.

Organic cotton is handpicked in the old-fashioned way. To pick the organic cotton mechanically, chemical defoliant would be used which is not allowed.  

In the workshop of Solid in India – i.e. Paces Crafts – we only work with real natural raw materials. For cotton this means that we only use organic cotton for our beautiful fabrics, textiles, cushions, carpets, … (besides peace silk etc.) No compromises for us!

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