Janeth, a future entrepreneur...

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My name is Janeth Vizcarra and I live in Ayacucho, Peru with my parents and my brothers and sisters. I’m the oldest. My mother takes care of our 6 cows. Sometimes she also works as a day laborer. My father works on the farm and as a day laborer. Currently I am in the 5th grade of the secondary school in Allpachaka, in the high mountains.

We do not have it easy because we do not have a lot of money. I think that is bad and I want to do something about it.

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When the Jovem project from Solid came to our school, I immediately got on board. It was exactly what I needed!

I am already in the second year now and I have already learned a lot. Moreover, I have a lot of confidence in the employees of Solid. You can always call them if necessary. You can count on them completely. They really help you to move forward.

 From them, I learned to respect the societal rules. Although that was not always easy. Thanks to Jovem’s Solid project, I deal better with my fellow students now, as well as with my family and with others. And with myself!

Recently I participated in the ‘Food Workshop for the Future’, organized by Rikolto in Huancayo. We did well. Really nice for me, because we were only students and all the others were already professionals. I am also proud that I have succeeded in completing my business plan ‘Production of organic eggs’.

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Now I’m preparing myself for the ‘Second Competition for Business Planning’. I am sure it will be okay. I now dare to speak in public without fear.

Since the people from Solid came to our home, we have installed a new kitchen. It is now no longer on the ground, but it is higher. We also have no smoke anymore in the house during cooking. And as icing on the cake, we have painted our new kitchen. Our house is much nicer now.

I now know that I can always seek help if I have a problem and that I will get that help... So, we’re fine.

And soon I will start up my own company!

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