Meet the volunteer: Willemijn

My name is Willemijn Branderhorst, I’m 29 years old and I am born in The Netherlands where I studied Art Therapy; I am trained in observing, diagnosing, drafting and implementing therapeutic treatments and I am a registered member of The Dutch Association for Visual Arts.


I have experience when it comes to give therapies to groups as well as to individuals, more specifically to (young) women and children.  I have experience with the Latin-American culture, when it comes to problems belonging to these cultures as a result of domestic abuse.


This because I started art therapy and collaborated with local staff at a help center for women in Mexico.

Right now I am in Ayacucho Peru, on a 6 month mission to work with teenage-mothers who barely receive encouragement from their own families.


The organisation that supports all this is called Solid, Solid facilitates the empowerment of vulnerable groups to improve their independence and quality of life.

I work in the entity of Solid Peru named Diamanta. Diamanta is responsable for projects with teenage mothers and their children in Ayacucho.

These upcoming 6 months I hope to connect people, to make people connect with their inner-selves, and with each other. I hope to create a safe place where people feel free and safe enough to give expression to their feelings, to enstrengthen their selves while making art. To enjoy life! For this I will be using all kinds of different art materials like crayons, papers in different colors, scissors, markers. But also local materials, like leaves and clay…


I hope to achieve that people will continue with flowing, expressing their selves…in different creative ways… and that they will experience the healing power of these actions.

Sooooo of course it would be great if the caregivers of Diamanta, as well as the Young women and children they work with… would continue with drawing in a Little book, the so-called art journaling. Or colouring mandalas, writing poems, or just dance to the radioooo. – in order to give expression to their feelings 

I share the mission to bring the power of art therapy around the world. I truly believe in art therapy being one of the purest ways to bring positive changes. I've always dreamed of introducing art therapy to countries where it´s still unknown but so needed 

The Red Pencil is a non profit organisation helping children, adults and families through arts therapy. Solid has a partnership with The Red Pencil.