Client A.S. Adventure visiting Hadithi in Kenia

Behind Ayacucho ®, A.S. Adventure's own brand, lies a warm story: for every Ayacucho jacket, jumper or hat you buy, part of the money goes to Solid. As Solid has had a very close collaboration with Hadithi in Kenya for some years now, part of A.S. Adventure’s support goes to Hadithi via Solid.

In October 2018, A.S. Adventure travelled to Kenya to see the Ayacucho ®–Solid–Hadithi collaboration on location and to visit the various projects. They got to see with their own eyes whether the money of every Ayacucho ® client really makes a difference in Kenya… and it does!

Read the full article about the A.S Adventure–Solid–Hadithi collaboration (available in Dutch and French).

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