Remembering forever Maria Huasacca, a talented knitting mom of Solids workshop in Peru.

Last week Solids workshop Manta in Ayacucho (Peru) was faced with a big loss. Maria Huasacca suddenly and unexpectedly died in a traffic accident. We lost a nice colleague and a very good knitting mom. She worked in Solids knitting workshop since 2014.

MARIA JESUSA HUASACCA CONDORI (middelste vrouw) (1).jpeg

Maria was as very cheerful person, talkative, joking with her knitting colleagues. She liked knitting a lot, was a fighter and she did not give up when faced with difficulties. She was very persistent.

We remember her saying, "I can do it and I will show you. Give me a chance and I'll prove everybody...."
She always proofed herself. For example, last weeks, she finished all her garments without rejection. She was so proud and happy. And so were our clients.

She will remain in our memories and in our hearts. She will stay with Solid forever by each of her anecdotes and stories she shared during so many years. We will keep her legacy in mind: "If you are faced with difficulties, do not give up, even if everyone tells you that you will not succeed. You must continue persisting until you succeed. Work on what you like, on what you are passionate about."
Maria, we will never forget you. Our warmest condolences to her husband and 5 children. Rest in peace.


MARIA JESUSA HUASACCA CONDORI (middelste vrouw) (2).jpeg