Be our transport-savior!

We URGENTLY need to get 70 hand-looms in India and give 150 tribal women a decent job.

And a future!

Like a present out of heaven, we were given 70 never used traditional wooden handlooms that are actually stored in Antwerp. This is exactly what the poor woman need in our weaving workshop in Ranchi, India.

This is a golden opportunity, almost a miracle!

But the wooden looms have to be transported from Antwerp to Ranchi. The cheapest way is by boat. But even this has a cost.


Be the savior for 150 woman in our workshop: assure the transport of the looms and as such give these Indian women a future. For themselves and their children.

A) Buy a second hand 20 ft container that will be used for the transport and afterwards in the workshop will become an additional workplace. Cost 1.400 euro.

B) Assure the first maritime transport Antwerp - Calcutta and transport to final destination Ranchi. Cost 3.500 euro

C) Assure the second shipment to Ranchi. Cost 3.500 euro

If you sponsor for the complete cost of option A: your name will be painted on the container that will become a workplace in Ranchi.

If you sponsor for the complete cost of option B or C: your name will be painted on the container and also will forever be on the walls in Solids workshop in Ranchi.

Of course, you will be fully updated about the progress and the project.

2016-11-12 11_Fotorb.jpg
2016-11-12 11_Fotorv.jpg

Anyhow, any contribution is welcome. Any contribution will give underprivileged woman in Ranchi, India the perspective of a better life.

 Make your contribution now. As such you make the urgent shipment possible!

Moreover, your contribution of 40 euro or more is tax deductible : you will receive fiscal certificate for it in 2020. So, the real cost is much lower for you : +- 45% lower.

Make your contribution on:

Banque de la poste, Rue des Colonies (P28), 1000 Brussel, Belgium
account : 000-0000004-04
IBAN code: BE10 0000 0000 0404

Reference : tge – solid - handlooms

P.S. Don’t miss this opportunity to provide a better future for underprivileged and poor woman !

Thanks !!

Any question : contact Inge 0032 473 93 76 19

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