Who made your clothes? Aurora made your clothes.

Ask us who made your clothes.. please! We will give you names and stories about their families, we’ll show you safe work conditions and fair wages.

We would like to show you things can be different.

 You can find here the story of Auroraknitting mom and supervisor in Solids workshop named Manta in Ayacucho, Peru. Listen to her voice and her story and be inspired.

We believe all lives are equal, so no one should be underpaid or in danger for others to be able to buy cheaper clothes. No more horrors like Rana Plaza in 2013 where 1138 people lost their lives.

 Ask your favourite brands questions! Ask them who made your clothes, in what circumstances. Ask for transparency.

Ask us : we will give it to you, with pleasure!

It’s a long process, but the revolution has started and won’t back down again.

Support sustainable and ethical brands, be part of the fight for equal rights.

It’s your chance to ask.


Make a change, be the change!


Thank you for joining us in this fight and revolution!! Together we can make a difference!!

Let’s rise by lifting others!