Give Devora and her daughter a chance for a better future

Are you giving Devora, 15, and her daughter a chance for a better future together? You can make this possible for only 70 € contribution / month.

Devora is 15 years young.

She lives together with her partner and daughter.

From an early age, she does not live anymore with her parents, but often on the street. Her mother died when she was little girl and her father lives with his new wife, without any interest in his daughter.


When she decided to live alone in a rented room, she was constantly mistreated by her partner's parents.

As she is still a minor, it was difficult for her to find a job to pay for her room.

So she decided to return to her partner and her in-laws.

 Together with her partner and daughter she shares a small room. The room is made of brick and is divided into a small bedroom, kitchen and dining room. There is only access to drinking water and electricity.

 Devora is currently studying in the second year of high school. Her dream is to become a nurse.


With a contribution of 70 euro monthly Devora can continue her secondary studies, she can provide daily food for herself and her daughter and every 15 days she gets a visit from a social worker of Solid who will strengthen her empowerment and her independence. 

 Do you want to give Devora and her little girl this opportunity? Would be great!

Moreover, your contribution of 40 euro or more is tax deductible : you will receive fiscal certificate for it in 2020. So, the real cost is much lower for you : +- 45% lower.

Contact Solid to give you more information ( 0473 93 76 19) or make your  - monthly -  contribution on:

Banque de la poste, Rue des Colonies (P28), 1000 Brussel, Belgium
account : 000-0000004-04
IBAN code: BE10 0000 0000 0404

Reference : tge – solid - devora