Meet the volunteer: Stien Cosemans

Hello everybody,

Times flies while having fun, right! Hard to believe my work at Paces Crafts has already come to an end.

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Indra (general manager) often told me: ‘India, it is quite an adventure’. And yes indeed it has been a big adventure for me. I look back with so much love and gratitude on the past months.

At Paces Crafts I have mainly focused on the HR department, therefore 1 of my highlights was the “Why-workshop”. Our goal was to find the “Why-statement” of Paces Crafts where all employees can identify themselves with. We had personal conversations with all the artisans and the management staff  about their most proud moment at the company. Very touching stories came out on which we based our “Why-statement”, namely: To empower people so that, together, we can contribute to a world where everybody matters.

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Besides other HR related work, like employee evaluations and helping to set up a new management structure, I had the chance to support the communication- and finance team. It was very interesting for me to learn multiple facets within the company. Every Wednesday I gave English course to the Hindi- speaking management staff. The goal was to teach them basic questions which they can use when guests visit us. In January during a visit of one of our clients, they were tested for the first time and I was so proud. Sunita, our knitting supervisor, is normally very shy to speak English in front of other people. During the course she didn’t want other ladies to hear her speak because she was afraid they would make fun of her. I was very surprised and especially very proud when she asked in group with self-confidence questions in English to our guests.


Many unforgettable moments at work but certainly also many beautiful moments after work. And for this I have to thank the colleagues and the ladies. In advance I didn’t dare to dream of such a strong connection with all of them. Because of them I experienced the Indian lifestyle the fullest. The past months in Ranchi couldn’t have been any better. I will miss you all!

A big thank you,

Aao galey milen,


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