Paces Crafts (Solid India), where I found the job of my life!...

“Though I am a good seamstress, I was not able to find a suitable job.

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And then my father got ill. We had to borrow money to pay for his medical treatment. And since I could not find a job as a seamstress, repaying this loan was very hard.

So my only option was to work as a cleaning lady in other people’s homes, a job I did not enjoy at all, it made me sad and depressed. However, I did not give up and kept on looking for a better future. And guess what …. I found myself a job in the workplace of Paces Crafts.

Whow, a real handicraft workshop, finally …!

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I immediately felt at home. I was welcomed and loved.

And one day they chose me to manage an order with another group of seamstresses. This made me so proud!

It makes me so happy that I am now able to support my family, and this by doing a job where I am being appreciated and where I can use my skills as a seamstress. Some previous acquaintances, with whom I have just met  recently, told me I look so much better and happier.

And that is exactly how I feel right now!...”