Meet Joris, sales manager of Solid Food

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April 2016… after an amazing two years and a half in Ayacucho I say good-bye, with pain in my heart, to my wonderful colleagues from Solid Peru. I made one last joke about my new job in Belgium: I was going to work for Antwerp’s diamond sector (“diamant”), not that big a difference, because only one letter is different from “Diamanta”. After two interesting years in the diamond sector, I ended up in the insurance sector again (those 10 years at Vanbreda keep on haunting me…). Soon I realized this was not quite what I was looking for… I wanted a more meaningful job again. One day, as a gift from heaven, Lyn contacted me… if I wasn’t interested to work for Solid Food… and a few weeks later the knot was already cut.

I’m very glad that I’m allowed to contribute to the further expansion of Solid Food, a company with a lot of potential and great ambitions. I’m going to concentrate on the further commercial expansion, but also –together with Laura- work in the field of logistics, planning, etc. Yet I notice that the underlying goal, that is giving the farmers in Ayacucho a fair income, is very motivating for me.

For sure you’ll get to know me better in the coming period. But here I give you already a few ‘DYKs’.

·         In Peru one of my hobbies was adding fun but unknown touristic places on Google Maps. Of course I recently put “Solid Food Europe” also literally on the map.

·         I have an amazing wife who I met on the plane somewhere between Guinea and Morocco. We have three talented children who are very sporty. This means that we often play a taxi to go to football, basketball or athletics.

·         I also try to exercise a bit myself: once a week suffering well through squash and every month we organize a beautiful hike with some friends.

·         Now that I’ll be back in Peru every now and then, I’m going to try to make the adventurous trip with Peter to the “Catarata las Tres Hermanas”, a fairly unknown but yet the third highest waterfall in the world(!), in the selva of Peru.

·         I try to kick out biscuits, chips, etc. To keep it tolerable, I only eat sweets in the weekend… so don’t try to tempt me with too many goodies when I’m in Ghent…

My family (at the time of Peru)    

My family (at the time of Peru)    

…and slightly more recent (last summer)

…and slightly more recent (last summer)