Bombyx, tales of India: beautiful khantas from Ranchi, India

Bombyx, tales of India: beautiful khantas from Ranchi, India

Khantas are a kind of traditional embroidered patchwork from India and popular at home because of their great bohemian look. Perfect as a plaid for your queen bed, hippy Indian tapestries, a blanket on the beach or in the garden, a cotton sofa and even cushion covers and curtains. Made from upcycled sari cloth, sewn by hand and repaired with patches over time, they are one of the most sustainable quilts available.

Khantas have no filling; they are made from layers of sarees to create thickness and texture. This makes them quite insulating and incredibly comforting. Generations of Indian mothers and daughters have been passing these brightly colored versatile products within the family. True bohemians, re-cycling and re-using.

Each one of our khantas are unique in many ways:

  • Each khanta is handmade.

  • The patchwork of these fabrics results in unique products—no two are ever the same.

  • Each item is accompanied by a fascinating story of a poor, but strong Indian woman who made your khanta

  • In addition to being beautiful, the khantas are practical, versatile and sustainable!

 The khantas are available 140 cm * 200 cm. (*) They come in a variety of colors and designs.

 Solid’s atelier ‘Paces Crafts’ helps stop human trafficking in Ranchi, India

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By buying unique, handmade ‘Bombyx, Tales of India’ products, your customers not only receive a very beautiful and sustainable khanta, but they are also directly helping a poor woman and her family in this impoverished Indian region. 

The khantas are made in Solid’s atelier ‘Paces Crafts’ in the extremely poor Indian state Jharkand. The sale is an important, sustainable and ecological source of income for local girls and women.

These young ‘tribal’ women are targets of rogue human traffickers. Each year about 100 000 of children and women are traded in India. They end up in slavery or prostitution. The human traffickers mislead the poor families, promising them an education and jobs with a good income. But they end up in hell: they are mistreated daily, hardly receive food and work 15 hours each day. Girls as young as twelve are kidnapped and sold as prostitutes.

When you purchase these khantas you, your company and your customers are actively helping to make the world a better place. This way you—together with Solid—are stopping this horrible human trafficking!

 When buying one of these products you and your customers also receive the unique story of the strong woman who handmade this product: an interesting and inspiring testimony of the maker. A purchase that immediately makes you feel good!

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By including ‘Bombyx, tales of India’ home decor products your store will become an example of how to take action in a warm, responsible and inspiring way!  

Has this social problem inspired you to take action? Are you excited about these eye-catching khantas? Then contact us as soon as possible because new khantas have just arrived from Ranchi, India—first come, first served.

Call Inge: 0032 473/93.76.19 or send an e-mail to 

*Are you interested in customized production? This is also possible! We would love to make the khanta, plaid, shawl, pillow, puff, carpet that you have always dreamed of. Email Inge for more information.