Since this school year, which started in March, the knitting mothers of Solid Peru have been able to go back to school. If they want to.

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Solid Peru starts with a shortened education to obtain a primary of secondary school diploma. Two teachers, one for the primary school and one for the secondary school, teach 2 days a week from 8h until 12h. They do this in the knitting workshop itself. If the production in the atelier is too high, the lessons shift to Saturday.

In only 2,5 years, our student mothers can graduate. They can finally read and write. This way they also get the chance to start with higher education.

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The lessons are completely free – the Peruvian government finances this – and Solid’s nursery is just next door.

The enthusiasm is everywhere!

What would you do if you had to stop your studies at 13 to 14 years old because you got pregnant or were too poor?

Of course, you grab the second chance with both hands!

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That’s what our passionate knitting and teenage mothers do. Already 52 knitting mothers and 8 adolescents have registered. Even ex-knitting mothers are very motivated and pass by to start all over again.

Education gives strength, says Solid.

If you really want to and fight for it, you can do it!

Our knitting and teenage mothers are determined to graduate from primary and secondary education.

They really go for it...


And they’re right!