Meet the volunteer: Tine Mandonx

Tine Mandonx – volunteer with Solid 2019

Solid offers you a unique opportunity to lose yourself in the local Peruvian culture. You gain insight in the customs but especially also in the needs of Ayacuchan society, and as a volunteer you are member of a great team.

Why commit yourself to volunteering and why exactly with Solid?

When you commit yourself, first and foremost you must be behind the vision of this organization. What I really admire about Solid is the fact that they are working on sustainable projects in collaboration with the local population. They strive for a balance between economically viable projects that in turn contribute to social projects. It is undoubtedly a long-term job, but Solid clearly does not shy away from questioning their way of working and making adjustments where necessary.

Personally I also find the diversity of projects an asset. The projects they support range from grouping and supervision of quinoa farmers to guidance of young adults to the production and design of handmade knitwear. I am convinced that each one of us has capacities that can be useful for one of the Solid projects. 

But the biggest asset is their team. Your colleagues on site make ample time to give you a warm welcome and are happy to immerse you in their culture. Likewise, the team in Belgium is always ready for all your questions! During my stay in Ayacucho and thanks to the introduction to the various projects I have the feeling that I’ve got to know the real Peru. The real Peru with its dark edges and difficulties with which they are struggling. Solid tries to meet some of these needs on a local level. I have personally experienced that they succeed wonderfully well in that and that as an organisation, but also as a person you can indeed make a difference!

© Sunniva Midtskogen

© Sunniva Midtskogen

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