Did you know… Paces Crafts 2.0 in Ranchi, India 

Did you know…

Paces Crafts 2.0 in Ranchi, India 

-   An important grant 'Business Partnership Facility: Enterprises for Sustainable Development Goals' from the belgian government development cooperation has been awarded to Solid Crafts for our atelier Paces Crafts in India. This allows us to substantially expand our workshop. And as such, give more women a good job and a better future. Paces Crafts 2.0, here we come!

-   Also fitting in this Paces 2.0-story, is the transport of handlooms to Ranchi, India. In an unbelievable and almost fairytale-like way, old, but never used, and excellent handlooms have fallen into our hands, like manna from heaven. This really means an incredible boost for the necessary expansion of our workshop. At the moment the containers are still in Belgium, but already filled and therefore ready for shipment. This will happen on short notice.

-   Related with this, a move to Namkum in a building of the Jesuits is foreseen. However, still waiting for the final confirmation.

Solid_Crafts_India_Paces_Handloom (2).JPG