Meet Joel en Yaki

"I'm going to my village to take care of my roses under the greenhouse". Meet Joel and Yaki brother and sister, setting up their own business after participating the Jovem training in Peru.

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 Joel and Yaki Anccasi Lopez started the production of roses under glass in october with the production of patterns and the preparation of materials such as rolls and sticks for the construction of a impressing greenhouse.

Until now, the greenhouse has already been built and the roofing took also place. The transplantation of the patterns has already started.

Joel and Yaki both followed our Jovem training. Each in an other year. Joel and Yaki can count on the support of their parents. Their father, for example, helped really hard to build the greenhouse.

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In the month of march the grafts were made and the drip irrigation was installed.

Joel and Yaki are very happy with their flower company.

 Yaki notes that every weekend she says goodbye to her classmates in the university with the words "I'm going to my village to take care of my roses under the greenhouse".

The classmates are always very surprised and full of admiration. They kept asking her how she had accomplished all this. Then she proudly talks about the Jovem project.

In the same way, Joel tells us that at the start of each lesson he tells all his classmates about the project so that they might be able to participate as well.


“I am very happy to be part of the Jovem project with my company and on top of that to have found people to help and advise me. However, I still have to wait a while before I can see my roses blossom. I would also like to thank my parents for their immense support. My village is in the district of Vinchos, a little further away from Allpachaka where the Jovem training takes place, but still the news of my rose farm has already arrived there. Everyone wonders how I started this project, and then I am happy to tell them all about the Jovem project. And about the hapiness I feel with my family. We are looking in a positive way at our future.”



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