Solid Food – some facts and figures

 Visit of quinoa producers with the producer: Rolando Navarro Angulo.
His sister (pink-blue): Andrea Cárdenas Angulo 
Man of Andrea (old man): Ricardo Benito Flores Orozco.
Youngster (green t-shirt): Lucas Navarro Solórzano. And Carlos Balboa (Solid communication manager) and Víctor Rivera Huamancusi (Asesor Solid).

Solid Food is the Solid entity that produces organic quinoa with local farmers in the mountains in Ayacucho, Peru. This organic quinoa is marketed by the team in Belgium worldwide. Solid Food has grown as it were, a spin-off of Solid's many years of experience in operation, expertise and trial-and-error in the field of agriculture in Ayacucho.

Today, this entity is managed on a daily basis by an external investor and his team in Peru and Belgium. This is the main shareholder Hans Decroos, a great entrepreneur with years of experience in the food sector. We couldn't have found anyone better.  Solid as a non-profit organisation is still a shareholder of Solid Food, both in Peru and in Belgium.

Important and big steps are being taken within Solid Food. A joint-venture with an Ayacuchan quinoa processing plant has also been set up. So there are actually three shareholders in Peru: Hans, Solid non profit and the local processor (compared to 2 in Belgium : Hans and Solid non profit). This brings Solid Food closer to full control of the chain every time. With an accompanying efficient and guarantee on high quality food sure quinoa that will end up on your plate - and better still in your mouth.

As Solid non profit keeps on being a shareholder, parts of the future profits of Solid Food will be directed towards Solids social projects in the countryside, being the youngster education Jovem and the collaboration with the poorest rural families ‘Familias Saludables’, which means ‘Healthy Families.’


“My name is Martin Ayala Prado and I come from a rural community in Ayacucho, Peru. My wife’s name is Maria.

We live on the quinoa culture.

We used to produce without knowing very much of it and we didn’t have much yield.

Then Solid came with their engineers. They gave us technical advice to find the best seeds and they assisted us from the beginning of the production till the harvest.

With their support our professional skills improved so we could harvest always more quinoa. They even help us to promote our quinoa, to sell it and do more for us. 

I work for almost 9 years with Solid Peru now and I have no regrets!

Due to the higher quinoa production we were able to buy more farming-land. And a house of our own.

Now we can also pay for the studies of our two children. They both study in Huamanga, Ayacucho. Liliana, the eldest, even at university.

With the support of Solid Peru our family has improved a lot”, says Martin.

And Maria nods her head convincingly!...