Some new people are reinforcing recently the Solid team in Belgium.

Some new people are reinforcing recently the Solid team in Belgium.

-   Wim Depickere, a young and motivated guy with a lot of financial background and hands-on attitude is every Thursday very busy with all the financial topics and arrangements of Solid. Let’s say he is our brand-new CFO.

-   After many years working as a volunteer for Solid, Tim Borremans joined the team 2 days a week as graphic designer, which he has been doing before for big and famous communication agencies.

-   For some of you, the name of ‘Joris Smets’ sounds familiar. Indeed, it is! Joris has been working as general manager for Solid in Ayacucho, Peru some years ago. After doing some other activities, he came back again to Solid – once Solid is in your blood, it never leaves you J - as the fresh new sales manager for Solid Food. The Solid-circle is closed for Joris.

-   Solid Crafts proudly presents you a new general manager: Emiel Debaere. After a long international career in the textile and clothing industry, Emiel is determined to bring Solid Crafts to the next level.

-   More new people, thus this implies ‘less Lyn’? On the one hand, Lyn and Solid is like synonyms and a unbreakable link. Lyn will always be involved with Solid. On the other hand, yes, she will be working less for Solid and be a bit less visible. She has all confidence in the actual team and no worries, as said, she will stay the big motivator – inspiration and source of out-of-the-box entrepreneurial ideas. 

This pictures shows everybody working for Solid and Solid Food in Belgium.