World Day against Trafficking in Persons

With Paces Crafts – Solids workshop in India - we offer these vulnerable women and girls a sustained source of income close to their homes so that they do not have to leave their families and land behind in order to survive.
Our workshop is located in Jharkhand, a state that has emerged as a hunting ground for human traffickers.The main root causes that influence these victims to migrate are unemployment, economic inequality, illiteracy and weak family structures.
The traffickers take advantage of their despair and lure them by promising them a better life in the big cities. In reality they often end up in forced labour or slavery and many victims are subject to various forms of abuse.

Today, on world day against trafficking we want to raise awareness on this worldwide crime. As we believe that everyone on this planet should have the right to live in freedom and security and that no one should be subject to inhumane crimes like this. We at Solid Crafts at least will never accept this cruelty against mankind.

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