Meet the Crew – Tausif of Paces Crafts

Tausif is the most senior employee of Paces Crafts, our workshop in India. He was there from the beginning and has helped us to make us grow to the company Paces is today. He mainly takes care of the finances and logistics of the company, but his contribution goes way beyond that. We know him as a very curious person who is eager to learn and grow. He keeps on surprising us with his poetic one-liners. And he is a star in giving spontaneous educational lectures to his colleagues. We really appreciate the joy, humour and happiness he brings to our office. And we love his Bollywood moves when we go dancing.

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“Hi, I am Tausif Ansari and I am working in Paces Crafts for 4 years now. I have always believed in equality and when I was asked to join the company, I was very intrigued by the moto of the company. In the beginning I had so many questions about running a social company. I kept on asking and from a very early stage I understood that at Paces Crafts everybody would be treated equally. No matter which function, religion, caste or gender, at Paces Crafts everyone gets equal respect and opportunities. I feel very happy I can work for a company where I can stay true to my values and where we work for a good cause.

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I really learned a lot here about running a company and I keep on learning every day so I can become a master in Import and Export. I also really enjoy improving my communication skills. 


Being connected to the people of Paces Crafts makes working here nice. I see a big bright future for the artisans and for the company. We are about to expand and I am ready to work for it.”


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Some  short questions & answers by Tausif

You can always wake me up for … an adventure trip

How I see myself in 10 years? As a Master in export/import. And a good team leader.

When I was younger I wanted to be an international Football player.

The best movie I’ve ever seen is: The fault in ours stars

I can recommend this book to anyone: “Shayad” by Jaun Elia

I really don’t like: The word “whatever”

My favourite quote is “If nothings goes right, go left”

I spend most of my money on my Sister’s study

I prefer to wear half pants

I really can’t live without: Work

My favourite meal is Kabab. With salads.

My favourite website is: