Meet the maker – Sisilya Tuti

Sisiliya is 36 years old. She lives with her mother, brother and sister-in-law in Rampur. Her father died in an accident 20 years ago. They had hard times. Her mother went to work in a brick factory in Ranchi and she also did jobs in construction so at least her brother could finish his studies and get a good job. Now her brother has a job in the army and is staying for some months in Jammu, Kashmir.

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Sisilya “Before joining Solids workshop Paces Crafts my main occupation was working on the rice fields of my family and helping my mother in the household. I am not educated well since I only went to school till the 8the grade. For this reason I knew I would not get a job anywhere and the agriculture job was very hard. I was wondering if I would ever be able to earn a proper income for myself. Then I heard about the workshop Paces Crafts and got curious about the skills that where taught in this place. When I started I didn’t even know how to hold a needle, but with time and effort I learned how to knit. This job made me independent. The first salary I got was used to pay the construction workers at my home. I feel very proud about the new skills I learned and that thanks to them I can support my family with the wage I receive. Once my mother told me “you are like a son to me” because I take care of the family with my earnings like normally sons do. This moment made me very happy and proud. 

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'I'm so happy to work at Paces Crafts. I was so convinced that I would never have a fine job as I didn't finish my studies. I really believed this! Now I have a job and I'm so proud of it. I never expected this to happen in my life! »

#From difficulties to hope

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