Jacki & Joel: entrepreneurial brother & sister

Joel and Yaki Anccasi Lopez have been growing roses in a greenhouse since October. They started producing rose patterns, and they bought materials such as rolls and sticks to build the greenhouse. They build it themselves with the help of their father, using local materials.


The roses grow well. A short time ago they did grafting and installed a drip irrigation system. Joel and Yaki, who both were students at Solid’s Jovem project are very pleased with their enterprise. Yaki tells us that she leaves her classmates at the university every weekend with the following words: “I go back to my village to take care of the roses in my greenhouse.” The classmates are always impressed and full of admiration. When they ask her how she managed to start her own business, she proudly tells them about the Jovem project.

At the start of Joel’s classes, he also speaks to his classmates about Jovem, so that maybe they also can benefit from the project. “I am very happy to be part of the Jovem project with my company, and to have found people—like Rosa and José from Solid—who advise and assist me. Now I have to be patient and wait for my roses to grow and bloom. I am also grateful to my parents for their great support and cooperation. My father, for example, constructed the greenhouse himself with local materials. My village lies in the district of Vinchos, far away from Allpachaka, but even so, the news about my rose plantation has made it all the way there. Everybody wonders how I started this project, so I tell them all about the Jovem-project of Solid.”


In April Joel and Yaki grafted 4000 rose plants. They got help from their fellow college students, who were very impressed and asked if they could be part of the Jovem project as well. Joel and Yaki have invested a lot in the greenhouse—now they are paying back the starting loan that they got from Solid. Their company will surely be successful.

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