Devora, 15 years old

Devora lived with her partner and daughter. As a child, she grew up without parents: her mother died when she was little, and her father moved in with his new wife, without taking interest in Devora.


Devora was mistreated by her partner’s family. She decided to rent a room. As a young, single woman, paying rent and caring for her daughter was difficult. Out of necessity, she returned to her partner, where the abuse resumed. When she filed a complaint, Devora ended up out on the streets.

Devora and her daughter currently reside in a centre for victims of domestic abuse. Her wish is to become independent and continue her studies in becoming a nurse. This will allow her to take care of her daughter.

With a monthly donation of 100 euros, Devora could support both her daughter and her studies. Every two weeks, a Solid-counsellor will support her in developing herself as both adolescent and mother. Independent, so her child can grow up in a positive environment without violence.

Donations on this account, with the reference ‘TGE – Solid – Devora’, are tax-deductible. 40 % of the donated amount can be recuperated. For more information: contact Inge Overmeer on

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