Meet our colleague Rosalvina who's been with Solid Peru since 2009

I am Rosalvina Vilchez Aramburú, and I am 51 years old. I am an obstetrician by profession. I have a daughter, Ximena, and I live in Ayacucho. I worked for Solid Peru since 2009, something I am very proud of.

I am a very happy, kind and hardworking person. When I am at home I enjoy cooking for my family. Because of my work I often spend time away from home, and so during the days I spend with my family I am a conceited mother.

I am responsible for two of Solid’s social projects in the rural area of Ayacucho: the education project for the youth in the Andean mountains, the Jovem Project, and the Healthy Families Project working with poor families.

Get to know me: lightning round:

You can wake me up to: travel, sing and dance

My guilty pleasure is: chocolate

A weird fact about me: I like to dance at the carnaval, every year for four days, without getting tired

A fact you didn’t know about me: I snore when I sleep

How I see myself in 10 years: probably resting hahaha. No, I don't think so, this would be impossible because I'm a person who likes to be active

This is Solid for me in 3 words: very big opportunities

When I was young I wanted to be a: pharmacist… But I couldn’t do it because there was not such a degree at the University of Huamanga. I ended up studying Obstetrics just like my older sister

The best movie I have ever seen: De La Calle a Harvard

I can recommend this book to anyone: Your Erroneous Zones – Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

I really don’t like: to iron my clothes

My favourite quote is: believe in yourself

I can’t take this song out of my mind: Vivir mi vida – Marc Antony

I prefer wearing: active clothes

My favourite food is: chicharrones

My favourite website is: Pinterest

The color of my toothbrush is: pink

My most embarrassing moment was: when I fell down on the ground, because I was eating tacos