With a little help from a friend

High up in Ayacucho in the Andes of Southern Peru, many projects of Solid Social Peru take place. Recently, Solid Peru worked together with the Sacsara Rupay family; social workers visited Amanda (25) and Nelson (30).


At the time, the family was going through turmoil. Having to cope with relationship problems and a lack of technology, their daily life was harsh. Their income came from stitching, while Nelson also worked as a temporary day labourer with little job security. Together, they could make around 120 sol per month, which equals to a little over 30 Euros. To get by, they also cultivate a small farm for personal consumption.

They cooked at an open fire on the ground inside their house, so they were living with the smoke, which is toxic and hazardous for the respiratory system. They also had no place for cutlery, cooking tools spread around on the ground.


Amanda did not feel supported by Nelson. Their respective roles in their relationship were undefined, leading to occasional friction. By using videos, posters and individualized help, counsellors from Solid were able to create an open environment to discuss these ideas. It was the first time the family had the opportunity to assess subjects such as emotions, self-respect and mutual understanding. By openly participating in conversations with the counsellors, they realised the importance of support and appreciation for each other. Today, they are working actively towards improving their home. Doing so together.


With the help of Solid, combined with their own intense efforts, the family has been able to improve their circumstances. Now they have a functional kitchen with storage for cutlery and dishes, as well as a table and sink. Their access to water has also improved, making healthy cooking, as well as basic hygiene, easier to maintain. Their focus on self-sustainability was already there, they just needed a little outside help in order to realise it.

With even a small donation, you can help us creating a brighter future for couples like Amanda and Nelson.

Donations on this account are tax-deductible. 40 % of the donated amount can be recuperated. For more information: contact Inge Overmeer on Inge@solidinternational.be

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