Our partners are so important and we accomplish a lot together. 

Solid International strives to have a positive impact on both social and economic topics. We want to improve the living conditions of the people in Ayacucho, Peru. To this end, Solid Peru uses a hybrid model where commercial and social projects go hand in hand. The long-term goal is to reach financial independence by using this combination.

Potential partners (companies or organizations) can support our social projects, and offer assistance to people in difficult living conditions this way. Or they can participate with our economic projects and make the difference over a longer time period.

Solid hopes to achieve a lasting co-operation with its partners, beneficial for all parties involved.


AS Adventure (B), Bever (NL), Cotswold (Eng)

The international group running AS AdventureBever and Cotswold has supported Solid Peru for several years, in two ways.

Without a doubt, you already know the Ayacucho® collection of AS Adventure, Cotsworld and Bever: Their high-quality sportive house brand . Products made under this label are fabricated with durability, functionality and comfort in mind. Part of the revenue obtained selling these products are spent in support of the social programs of Solid Peru.

On top of that, certain hats, scarves and gloves sold under the Ayacucho® brand, are made by underprivileged women in the workshop managed by Solid Peru.

On a yearly basis, two employees and two customers of both AS Adventure and Bever (Cotswold will soon follow) go to Peru to see for themselves how their support makes a change. They become Solid International’s most enthusiastic ambassadors…

Read the blog of the immersion trip in Peru 2015



LN Knits

Ellen Kegels was the first to join knitting workshop MANTA with her promising knitting label LN Knits. Today, more than 150 MANTA workers knit the fashionable hats, scarves and accessories of LN, all made of fine baby alpaca wool. Ellen Kegels’ captivating storytelling made our knitters and the super-soft alpaca yarns quite famous!

Two young brands Beanie at (Austria) and Bare Knitwear (Canada) highly value durability in their production line and chose the high-quality alpaca knitting of MANTA without question.

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