Solid aspires that the Ayacuchan farmers, labourers and families can provide independently for their own income and consequently improve their social living conditions.

With this aim Solid created several sustainable enterprises and organizations in the region of Ayacucho in Peru.  For instance the knitting workshop, the farmhouse with the dairy cattle barn, the cheese factory, …

Solid offers chances and teaches skills to the local population. As such there is an intensive co-operation with the farmers in respect of the production of organic quinoa, cañihua, kiwicha, tarwi and maca.

With the profits that are generated this way, Solid sets up social projects : taking care of teenage mothers, supporting poor families from the mountain communities, practical training for youngsters in the countryside …

Dedicated to the product quinoa three engaged entrepreneurial guys have joined forces since the beginning of 2015 to create a nice story around this superfood.

Under the brand name of Quitho they put organic Peruvian quinoa on the Belgian market.  With success.

However, they want more than that and strive towards an intensive, sustainable and long term co-operation with the farmers themselves.  Through a reliable and solid local organization, from a to z, from the fields in Peru to the sale in the Western world.  This means a clear profit for the local farmer.

Quinoa 'Quitho' bevat uitsluitend quinoa van de boeren van Solid.

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