Welcome to the website of SOLID

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Our organization puts people in the South on track to take their lives in their own hands and to make help, on term, unnecessary.

Solid does this with hybrid organizations: sustainable joint ventures of responsible commercial entities and social organizations.

We apply this model on two domains


Solid crafts establishes and guides sustainable handicraft workplaces where disadvantaged people can be employed in an honest way and where the focus is on highly qualitative materials and authentic handicrafts.  The profit generated by these activities is invested by Solid crafts in social projects: the assistance of teenage mothers, support to refugee and abused children …

Solid agriculture focuses on agricultural projects in Ayacucho, Peru, with the aim to make the farmer families independent. With respect for the people and the environment. The profit that stems from this, is invested by Solid Agriculture in social projects in rural areas : training of youngsters in rural entrepreneurship, co-operation with poor farmer families, …

All of this happens with special attention to personal social development and awareness of one’s own forces.

A win-win story that makes everyone better!