Solid Food Peru: Agro-technical and commercial support

Solid Food Peru gives training about agricultural and commercial issues to many farmers and their families.  Primarily about the cultivation of biological quinoa. Investments are also made in the research about forgotten, but very valuable Andes ‘grains’ such as cañihua, kiwicha and other Andes crops such as tarwi.

Solid Food Perú takes control of the processing of the quinoa following the highest food safety standards. Solid Food Perú can export the quinoa of the Ayacuchan farmers to you, in every place of the world.This super crop ends up on your dinner plate under your private label. It can be delivered to you as well in bulk, as packed for your label .  On the packaging you can also mention the story of Solid as quality and sustainability label. With every bite you take, you help the local farmers.

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Familias Saludables: Healthy, strong families

Solid improves the living conditions of many extremely vulnerable families in the mountain communities of Ayacucho. Solid works together very intensively with the whole family in respect of health and well-being.  With these rural families – on many occasions single mothers, sometimes older farmers – techniques are also implemented for an improved accommodation.  Techniques with a simple concept, but with a huge impact on their daily lives and interrelations.

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