Solid Crafts ontwikkelt en begeleidt duurzame handwerkateliers waar kansarmen op een eerlijke manier tewerkgesteld worden waar de focus ligt op hoog kwalitatieve grondstoffen en authentieke ambachten.


Our beliefs

There are two different ways to make beautiful natural silk. The conventional way is to breed silkworms (Bombyx mori) in large quantities, wait shortly until they have made their cocoon and then boil rapidly to harvest the silk. The other way is to wait patiently until the silkworm has turned into a beautiful butterfly, let it fly and then use the silk cocoon that is left….This type of sustainable silk production is small-scale and was called ‘peace silk' by Ghandi himself. The current fashion industry is too much based on this first principle where people and the environment are not respected … Bombyx offers an alternative
The world is changing, consumers become more conscious, the demand for quality and values is increasing. There is no way around it. Bombyx is here to help brands be one step ahead, seize this opportunity and make long-term profits.