Solid agriculture focuses on agricultural projects in Ayacucho, Peru, with the aim to make the farmer families independent.

With respect for the people and the environment. The profit that stems from this, is invested by Solid Agriculture in social projects in rural areas : training of youngsters in rural entrepreneurship, co-operation with poor farmer families, …  All of this happens with special attention to personal social development and awareness of one’s own forces. A win-win story that makes everyone better!

Solid Agriculture works according to the hybrid model of Solid. Together with social organizations we launch companies that are commercially profitable and are mindful of all human aspects. Solid helps people in the South to take their lives in their own hands. As such we make help, on term, superfluous.

Within Solid Agriculture we distinguish Solid Food and Solid Farm as human-scale companies that must be commercially profitable. In order to be able to continue to invest in itself. But also to support the mere social agricultural projects. This concerns 1) Familias Saludables, or the ‘healthy families’ and 2) the education Jovem for youngsters.

Solid Food Peru: Agro-technical and commercial support

Solid Food Peru gives training about agricultural and commercial issues to many farmers and their families.  Primarily about the cultivation of biological quinoa. Investments are also made in the research about forgotten, but very valuable Andes ‘grains’ such as cañihua, kiwicha and other Andes crops such as tarwi.

Solid Food Peru already commercializes amongst others country the quinoa of these Ayacuchan farmers in our country. This super crop ends up on your dinner plate under the label of other players as well as under our own brand  ‘Solid Food’.  On the packaging you can also read the story. With every bite you take, you help the local farmers.


Solid farm:

A farm as role model      

Avelac is a model farm and training institute for farmers with dairy cattle. This company wants to address the demand for quality dairy cattle and helps to improve the cattle breeding in Ayacucho.  They want to sell cattle of an improved breed at an honest price to the surrounding stock farmers.  In order to realize these ambitious targets, the organization also calls upon external expertise.  However, this stable is more than a mere cattle stable.  The farm expands to a real “granja integral” or integrated farm.  A real sustainable farm with different animals like cows, pigs, guinea pigs, alpacas, … , the production of cheese from the own produced milk, different organically grown crops such as quinoa, cañihua, kiwicha, tarwi, …

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