Fashion Revolution Week
How tragedy can spark change...

On the 24th of April the fashion world commemorates en enormous tragedy that happened 9 years ago. In April 2013 a few garment workers in the Rana Plaza factory (Bangladesh) noticed some cracks in the foundation. Their concerns were discarded and they were told to get to work while threatened with pay loss. A few days later the unimaginable happened. The roof collapsed burying hundreds under debris. Several hundreds died, including some children.
The world was stunned. The horrid conditions of sweatshops were finally exposed. Brands such as Benetton, Zara and Walmart were amongst the more than 900 brands who had part of their collections manufactured there. How could we, western consumers, accept that people, mainly women, had to work in such conditions?

Action taken

As a result of this tragedy Fashion Revolution Week was installed to remind us year after year to improve the working conditions and lives of everyone involved in the fashion industry. Financial insecurity is the main reason women choose te stay in unsafe homes or work places.

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Our Commitment

At Solid we take these concerns to heart. At the heart of our organization lies our intent to ameliorate women’s lives and environments.

The best way to ensure this is to oversee the complete production line. Solid has projects in Peru and India. We know every woman working for us and make sure to pay honest wages. We provide healthcare benefits. We offer personal development programs, on-site childcare, literacy classes. We organise life skill trainings and vocational training on their handicraft skills. All this to ensure that these women have the opportunity to make their own decisions and choices. All this to assure that they can take their lives in their own hands. All this to empower them and give them a voice.

Our social impact

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