Solid gives back to nature
a collaboration with Nula Carbon

The Mai Ndombe Project (Congo)

The world’s second largest rainforest, home to over 180,000 people, and containing some of the most important (yet, endangered) wetlands in the world. This 740,000-acre rainforest is ecologically rich with bonobos and forest elephants, and a natural carbon store and sink, avoiding 5.7 million tCO2e annually. Yet without protection, this ecosystem will be torn apart for commercial timber; destroying local communities and their livelihoods, habitats, animals and trees along the way. 

There is no planet B - and that's why Solid is decided to reduce it's CO2 emissions and to compensate them where necessary. And for that, we partnered with NULA CARBON. For 2021 Solid wil compensate 47 592,6 kg of CO2, related to the shipment of orders. As such, 6,6820 ha of dryland forest can be protected from degradation and deforestation, in the Mai Ndombe area.  

Tthe project has so far successfully halted logging and deforested areas have started to regenerate through agroforestry nurseries and plantations. Sustainable farming crops and techniques are helping to regrow the health and wellbeing of both the forest and communities. In response around 6000 families have reported improved livelihoods and incomes. 

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