Looking for an exiting internship?

Hi, are you looking for a great internship? 

Then you've come to the right place! We are Jousra and Laura, two students who followed a three-month internship at Solid. 

During our internship, we had the opportunity to get involved in exciting projects that challenged us and helped us improve our skills. For example, in February, Jousra joined the salesteam to the "White Fair", in Milan.  Together we also got the chance to help with a photo shoot in Knokke. During our full internship we were encouraged to show initiative and take on our own responsibilities, giving us a sense of pride and satisfaction. Solid offered us valuable learning opportunities, allowing us to deepen our knowledge from our education and acquire new skills.

 The team at Solid was not only professional, but also friendly and supportive. They were always willing to answer questions, give feedback and guide us in achieving our goals. Their guidance and coaching really made a huge impact and will always be with us throughout our careers. Thank you Team Solid for making this internship unforgettable!

Jousra & Laura

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