Meet the volunteer Claire
Meet the volunteer: Claire

In 2019 we got a message from the UK, from Claire, asking if she, as a data-analist, could be of any help. After some travels to India, she fell in love with it’s culture, and wanted to do some volunteering. Sustainable fashion production was also something close to her hart so I felt like a perfect match for our workshop in India called Paces Crafts. 

Claire snuggled herself gently in the local team and proved to be a real asset! She enriched our workshop with her a critical but kind mind and mature approach.

Eager to help everyone with lean improvements or a chat, even if there was no language in common! With lots of patience she set up user-friendly excels to help our team manage data related to their area. In exchange she loved learning some Hindi. On the local market she quickly made friends and had her small hindi chats, impressive! 

Claire has set up lots of new policies and ways to better register our CSR management with visions on the future. 

One of our highlights this year was setting up a quality of life survey with her, to get a better understanding of the living situation of our artisans. With respect for this sensitive information, it was a very enriching exchange with our women, that made Claire say “this is why I’m here!!”. Inspired by the challenges the women face, Claire decided to also take some steps to get out of her comfort zone, because living in India in itself wasn’t enough a challenge ;-).

She transformed herself in to an English teacher for our  artisans and tried out some new initiatives. 

Unfortunately the upcoming wave of Corona virus forced Claire to leave India sooner as planned, with Solid calling back all their volunteers and foreign staff. Claire definitely left a mark on all of our staff and continued support us, from home in the UK. 

Claire! Be it the English classes for our artisan’s, the confusing excel formats that you had to make and the reporting that you had to do, we are grateful for your insights and help. You were patient and attentive whenever we needed your help. Thank you for becoming a part of the Solid and Paces Family. Wish you all the best for your future endeavors.

Lots of love from Solid and Paces Family.

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