Meet the volunteer Theresa

My name is Theresa. As an international master student (Global studies) at Gent University I am learning a lot about how to deconstruct global hierarchies. But looking at this only from a theoretical lens is just not sufficient, in my view. That is why I searched for an opportunity to put my studies into practice during my free time. 

When I moved to Gent, Solid presented itself as a caring, straightforward, and impactful organization which would enable me to do what I was looking for. And soon after starting my volunteering with Solid, I realized with what empathy everybody is engaged in their projects. I help the team of Solid once a week, with what is needed at that moment; researching, writing, reviewing and meetings. I feel that my work is valued and appreciated. It is the perfect opportunity to gain experience besides my studies and it is inspiring to know that there is direct contact between the different teams across the globe and that everyone has a say in the processes. This is how international cooperation should look like. I am grateful to be able to be part of something that brings joy and support to people around the world! 

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