We produce your sustainable knitwear collection:  you can call on our social handknitting workshop in Peru. Moreover, because of Solid's value-driven business set-up, your order has a positive long-term impact on the entire community.                                                    

Setting the standard in responsible fashion creations.


We take away all your worries! Our design centre is prepared for all type of requirements and finds the perfect fit for your collection.             

From sampling to pricing, adjustments and finalizations, all the way to delivery right at your doorstep. 

No production headaches, just high-quality, right on time garments with a focus on sustainability.

Your custom designs made perfectly and according to your wishes, in fair and ethical working conditions. celine, deze tekst is ok. Ik zou hier wel een link maken naar de pfd die je vindt bij 'documenten te plaatsen' en deze rond de process steps voor custom knitwear. Ik heb dat wel niet voor india, maar misschien al iets in de aard van 'Click here to find more in dept information about the process of making your custom knitwear'. Of zoiets. en daarnaar linken. en dit dan deleten uiteraard wat hier in kleur staat ;))

                FAIR WORKSHOP

Fair knitwear, handwoven items and upcycled sari products are the key value of our production centres in Peru and India. Solid has own facilities so we oversee full production. We pay our artisan honest wages, provide healthcare benefits, and offer life-changing personal development programs. Our workshops in Peru and India focus on high quality products and high quality working conditions.   

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We  strive to adapt the highest possible standards of quality within all our processes and products. Made by hand or hand-machine, all products are checked every step of the way. 

A thorough control process in various steps guarantees you the best quality fashion and homeware products.



Together, for a better world.

You are a responsible fashion or homeware brand? We are your maker!

Make an appointment to see what we can achieve together.

No production headaches, just high quality, right on time knitwear, with focus on sustainability.


Introduction, presentation and sales conditions.


Yarn, trims and design consultation.


Product development.


Production, finishing.

Packing & shipping


After sales service 

Storytelling, Consistent communication.

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