Healthy & social profit

Solid Food is a social enterprise that produces and processes quinoa in Ayacucho, Peru, which is then sold to the European food industry, wholesalers and retailers. Thanks to the direct collaboration with 500 quinoa farmers in Peru and a vertical integration, Solid Food can guarantee 100% traceability and achieve a major social impact.

Solid Food is a vertically integrated company: they are producer, processor, exporter and importer, without any intermediaries. Solid Food exists of the entities Solid Food Peru SAC (sourcing & processing in Ayacucho, Peru) and Solid Food Europe BV (warehouse & sales, in Antwerp an Ghent, Belgium). A team of well-trained bio-engineers is on site to assist the farmers during sowing, harvesting and processing. The oversee the efficiency rate, find ways to optimize the agricultural process and assist the farmers in the certification process for organic production. 

Fairtrade principles are in our DNA, since Solid's start-up in 2007. In 2020 Solid Food Peru obtained, as one of the first companies in Ayacucho, it's Peruvian fair-trade label of "Buenas Practicas de Comercio Justo". The transport from Peru to the warehouse in Antwerp, Belgium is climate neutral thanks to the use of biofuel.

As a social enterprise, Solid Food has both business goals and social goals, in alignment with Solid's mission in Peru: contributing to the economic and social development of Ayacucho. Solid Food will spend 25% of its profits to Solid's social projects, primarily JOVEM.