A Solid team!

9 people,  5 FTE's

Lyn Verelst


General manager 

I am analyzing and solving problems, setting strategic objectives, inspiring and guiding people, looking critically at our own operations, having a multi-disciplinary vision, working together, monitoring impact and result   

I like: action, world improvers, enthusiasm, tolerance, humor, sports in nature, my family & friends   

My favorite quote: #Notimetowaste  




Aaike Cnops

Account manager - Peru  

I am guiding clients for Solids Peruvian knitwear workshop – Diamanta - through the production process: from sampling to pricing to production to delivery.  

I like : so many things: vanilla ice-cream, my job, family time, body pump on Wednesdays, yoga on Saturdays, brunch with girlfriends, my cat Mauro, gardening, watching a good movie, wellness weekends, thai food and sushi (not necessarily in this order)  

My favorite quote: hang on tightly, let go lightly  


Inge Overmeer


Sales & sustainability 

I like: Indian summers, Tony’s chocolonely sea salt & caramel, Jon Snow, campfire (with marshmallows), rainbows, sleeping in freshly washed and ironed sheets.

My favorite quote: I'll give you 2 from my hero Pippi Longstocking “I’ve never done that before, so I am sure I can do it!” & “A face without freckles is like a sky without stars”  

Wim De Pickere


Financial manager

I like: to play, think and laugh

My favorite quote: "I have never tried that before, so I think I should definitely be able to do that".

Chloe Daval


Sampling & design - Peru

I am Solid's knitwear designer and product developer. After volunteering for Solid in Belgium, I have been working in Solid’s knitting workshop in Peru for 3 years.  I am now working from Belgium, still in close communication with my Peruvian colleagues. 

My favorite quote: "Il faut manger pour vivre et non vivre pour manger."

Céline Drijkoningen 


Social projects

Within Solid I'm the link between the social projects abroad and the Belgian office. My role is to guide, inspire and monitor them as well as broaden their international networks. I’m also the one that puts all the volunteers within our organisation on the right track. All the stories I encounter about our social impact, I integrate in our Communications.                     

I like: travelling, smiling people, happy plants and working with the social teams towards new possibilities. 

My favorite quote: "Why stay in your comfort zone when there's a lot more to do out there." 
Marijke Jans

Marketing and communications

I translate the wonderful stories of our artisans and non profit projects in understandable and usable content for our clients.  

I like: Passionate people and people who feel like sunshine.  

My favorite quote: 'The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn.

Liesbeth Verhelst

Follow-up with (potential) clients for the Paces workshop in India.

I like: To travel, to go for a walk in nature, to volunteer.

My favorite quote: 'Repar, rewear, recycle, reuse.'

Tine Vermeiren


General support

I coordinate and manage the main support functions including logistics and administration, accountancy and office management. I always loved to work in an international environment. Working for Solid means I'm meaningful company with a sense of purpose and a beautiful good cause.

I like: noir de noir chocolate, a fridge full of food, sun, sea & swim, a cosy fire place and hot bath during cold winter evenings, reading a good book, watching great concerts, homemade soup, ..

My favorite quote: 'Don't let anyone treat you like are salsa, you are guacamole baby.'