About us

Why? Because we can’t stand injustice! Because we care!

Solid puts people in the South on track to take their lives in their own hands and to make help unnecessary. Solid strongly believes in the combination of two strategies, to empower people on the long term: responsible commercial entities that provide employment and social organizations that accompany the most vulnerable. Profits generated by the commercial activities, are reinvested, in social activities for these communities, with specific attention to personal development and awareness of one's own strength.

Solid's history
Solid is born

The non-profit organisation Solid was created in 2000 by Luc Verelst, who, after his international career in real estate, decided to give back to society.
Today, the next generation is running the organisation with efficiency, determination and a lot of compassion. Initially, Solid carefully selected and supported several projects of NGO's working in various countries, covering a variety of domains including economic development, clean water supply, education, healthcare, early child development and human rights.

The focus shifts

Solid decided to focus its efforts on one specific location to maximize its impact. The Ayacucho region in Peru was selected as it met a set of criteria that considered political stability, feasibility, effectiveness and the chance for succession over time. The region is known  as one of the poorest regions of Peru and is still recovering from the scars left by the terrorist group the Shining Path.

Solid Peru is founded

Solid Peru was founded in 2006 and formed the basis for many of the activities that Solid went on to carry out in the region. Many other sponsors and partners, since then, have joined and embraced Solid's mission.


Solid Agriculture 

Solid starts working with local farmers, supporting them with technical knowledge and coaching, to improve their production. The focus was put on for production chains: dairy products, tara, avocado and quinua.

Healthy families

Solid expanded it's work with an extra focus: healthy families.  This project aims to empower rural families towards better living conditions, demonstrating them simple housing techniques they can easily apply and by providing coaching on the importance of healthy practices, like washing their hands. In 2009 the construction of the Montefino farm, set up as a training institute for local farmers, is completed. Throughout the years the farm turns into an integral farm, where training, innovation and rural tourism go hand in hand. 

The social projects of DIA

Throughout the years, Solid has gained a better understanding of the Ayacucho region and its challenges. The alarming issue of teenage pregnancies is one Solid couldn't ignore. A support program for young teenage mothers is set up, with a team of motivated midwives and nurses providing home visits. Later, a shelter home for young girls, victims of sexual or family violence is added, as well as a prevention program around teenage pregnancy. 

Solid Crafts, Peru

Solid strongly believes in the power of fair employment and with a first knitting workshop in Ayacucho, Solid Crafts is born. By providing over 150 underprivileged women an honest job and setting them in their personal strengths, Solid provides outlooks on a more independent life and better future.

Solid Crafts, India

After 10 years of experience in setting up projects in Peru, Solid expanded its activities in 2016 to India. The handicrafts workshop in Peru inspired Solid to bring this social profit model to other regions. A new Solid crafts workshop is set up in Ranchi, in the north of India. Rural women are trained in weaving garments and deco items, to provide local employment in fair working conditions. New opportunities arise for these women, that never believed in their power and skills.

Solid Crafts, Kenia

Solid's path crosses the path of Hadithi, a Kenyan non-profit that unites rural female basket weavers, providing them with a fair income thanks to their colorful handmade baskets. A close collaboration is the next step, as both organizations share the same values of empowerment. 


Solid Food

“The intense collaboration with Quinoa farmers, started in 2007, evolves into the spin-off Solid Food. Solid Food wants to make a difference, with a short chain, bringing the quinoa from the farmer, through processing and international export, directly to the supermarket.