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'Elements of nature'

      Elements of nature is a high quality knitwear collection, designed and produced by Solid, ready to have             your brand name.


The 'Elements of nature' collection is our love letter to nature.
This collection for AW 21/22 takes the five elements of nature as a starting point for a relaxed and easy to wear collection of cosy knitwear and knit accessories.

Influenced by the colours and textures of landscapes and woodlands, we use traditional heritage stitches such as fisherman’s rib to add texture to natural alpaca blends, sometimes brushing them to add an extra layer of cosiness.

We were inspired by semi-precious stones, rocks and herbs for our colour story, and as always we add the natural marl colours of camel and grey, sometimes spiced up with a hint of Flame or Ocher, making a very rich and harmonious colour palette.

We took note of the must have silhouettes and accessory trends for the coming season, e.g: the sleeveless vest, cropped edge to edge cardigans, balaclavas...
We have added the easy to wear shapes and made them fun in multi stripes or ribs.

Thus creating a collection which has all the right elements and in harmony with the nature around us.







Want to have a closer look at the collection? 

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                                      What's in it for you?  

High quality knitwear

Hand-knit garments made by our skilled knitters.

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Designs, fittings and logistics are covered.

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Your label, your brand identity.

Sustainable fashion 

Fashion with regards to planet and people.


Share with your customers the values of sustainable and conscious fashion.

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