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'Nature's nomad'



As the world emerges from the chaos and the restrictions of the pandemic, we dream of faraway places and the open waves.
We begin the season with a sense of freedom and the urge to spread our wings once again. This fall-winter collection is inspired by travellers in a new and more modern, sustainable world by land and sea. Exploring the worlds of Caravan Gypsy girls who travel by land and the sailors who spend their lives on the ocean waves.

We play with crochet and add handcrafted touches to accessories which give a nostalgic, homely feel. Dickies and spencers are added for practical layering options and pixie hats give a nomadic touch for the modern-day traveller. Nature remains a key source of inspiration and multi-coloured blanket stripes are blurred and brushed to give exaggerated texture and worked in rich earthy and vegetal hues.

Crochet scarves and headbands complete this artisanal look which is a must have trend for the following seasons. To add to the homespun theme, we brush all our alpaca yarns to add extra cosiness.

Influenced by the traditional sweaters of sailors, we play with nautical stripes and fisherman’s ribs enhanced by rustic alpaca yarns. Using uplifting or sometimes muted colours to give a more modern approach to the classic marine sweater whilst updating the shapes. Chunky fisherman’s ribs are used on cosy cardigans and offered in strong directional colours of Lavender and Sky Blue.

The colours for this season are inspired by the ocean and the nature which lays around it. Natural colours of pebble and sage, blue tones of sky and ocean. All mixed in with exciting fashion highlights of Lavender and Scarlett.

Fun and fashion directional accessories and layering pieces are key in this collection perfectly complementing our firm favourites such as Almandine and Amber.

Thus, creating an exciting and cosy collection for any modern day expedition.





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